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NextGen Marketing Solution®  is a B2B marketing consultancy based in Ascot.  Our mission is to enable business growth by applying the latest in B2B marketing approaches, and provide a complete range of consultancy services including business development, marketing execution, marketing leadership and digital, content & social marketing.

Consulting Services

We can help you to scale and grow your business faster , whether you’re a corporate, a start-up or anything in between.   If your growth depends on more efficient use of existing resources, processes,  or capitalising on new marketing approaches, we have the experience to help. We can also guide you in expanding into new markets and regions, acquiring new customers and defining a new strategy for the next stage of business evolution.

B2b Business School

Our courses, workshops and one-to-one coaching programmes are custom built for your business . 

Whatever your needs or stage of growth, we can help you maximise your staff potential and learn new skills.


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